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If you are Planning to Move your house. let us know and we will plan...


If you are planning to Move Your office. Just give us a call for survey.


You want to Send your items to storage. we will take care of that like ours.


IBDAA Movers has been moving families around the UAE with a great care and expertise. We are proud to be one of the most recognized for satisfied, affordable and best service provider in the UAE..

we always focus on customer instructions to ensure customer satisfaction. With a team of experienced professionals IBDAA Mover is capable of moving,relocating your house or office from & to any where with in UAE.

our staff is IKEA & Home Centre Furniture trained.


We beleive in Customer Satisfaction, that's why our customer network is growing day by day. If you choose IBDAA for your move, we guarantee, that you will also be a satisfied customer

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