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Welcome to Al Ibdaa Movers WE PACK AND MOVE YOUR CARGO

AL Ibdaa Movers & Storage have a great recognization in the industory for providing the most efficient, reliable and fastest moving & storage services in United Arab Emirates.Whether you need services for shifting your home or moving your business, we bring you a vast range of high-quality and affordable moving & storage services at your doorstep.

We are reputed logistics company in UAE ,Don’t worry. We provide very nice deals and the most competitive price just for you!

It is an ideal choice for consumers as we not only move goods, we move emotions. We care for your goods as our own and handle it with utmost care ensuring complete safety. We ensure your goods are packed with the highest quality packaging material, labeled properly to facilitate smooth unpacking and secured for road transport in one of our trucks. We take great pride in delivering the best moving experience catering to each client’s budget and needs.

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Are you looking for a movers and packers in Abu Dhabi OR do you want to check all moving companies in Abu Dhabi prices that you can trust to shift your home and office furniture? Movers and Packers is definitely what you are looking for.
Here are the reasons why you should choose Movers and Packers as your partner in moving:

Accurate and reasonable prices for moving

If we will be moving in Abu Dhabi from one place to another. Then one thing we will surely consider is the price. We wanted to hire cheap and reliable movers that can fully assist us in our moving. This is why Al Ibdaa Movers is the best movers and packers in UAE. They can handle all of your stuffs and they will give you very reasonable price for your moving.

Familiarity with all the locations in Abu Dhabi

As we have almost a lot of experience in this field, we are already familiar with the locations in Abu Dhabi. And this is one of the reasons why you should hire our moving company in Abu Dhabi as your partner in moving. We assure you that all of your stuffs will be delivered on the right place at the right time.

High Quality Packaging Materials

Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi provide high quality packaging materials that can be used in your moving. They have different size of carton boxes, bubble roll, stretch roll, carton roll and other materials.Using of these high quality packaging materials will ensure the safety of your furniture while moving.
We will pack all of your furniture and appliances when you will about to move and we assure you that it will has no damages after your moving.

Professional Staffs (Crew Members)

Movers and Packers Abu Dhabi have Professional Staffs that can able to assist you in your moving. They are just one call away to help you in your moving even if you are on rush moving or on scheduled moving.All of them are well – trained staff so don’t worry about your moving process within Abu Dhabi because Movers and Packers is the top moving companies in Abu Dhabi and they value the furniture like how their clients values it too.

Work Experience

With 20 years of being in this Industry, Movers and Packers has proven their legitimacy and best in their services. This is why a lot of their clients keep on coming back to them if they will be able to move again or they always recommend this packers and movers in Abu Dhabi to their friends and relatives. They are already experts in moving and packing so they can really provide you all the things that are needed for your moving.

Excellent Trucks For Moving

Trucks are really need when you about to move. This is where you can put all of your stuffs like big furniture, appliances and other things that you will move. If you are looking for movers and packers then you should choose those who have trucks that can be used in your moving process. If you choose movers in Abu Dhabi. They have small and big trucks which it will be a hassle – free work for you since they will be the one to provide these trucks for moving. No need to worry the transportation and drivers because in Movers and Packers, they will be able to provide to you.

On Time Moving Process

When acquiring services from others, of course we always wanted to finish it as early it can be. This is also can be applied when hiring movers and packers Abu Dhabi when we will be moving to another location. In Movers and Packers, time is really precious to them and this is why they will start their work on time and finish it on time. They assure you that all your furniture and appliances will be delivered on the exact address that you gave to them on time.

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How movers and packers can be professional?

There are many ways which are make any company professional movers and packers. As we serving in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ruwais we have deep knowledge that how to be a professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

  • Clean work:

Work via clean moving and packing workers is very important thing in relocation industry. Because house items are very sensitive and it should be pack and shift on clean hands. We have clean and best crew workers which are washing and clean himself before going to work daily in clean uniforms.

  • No Use of customer personal things and food items:

Our workers are well trained that how to maintain company reputations and relations with our customers. We not use any kind of item in customers’ homes Even we not drink water without permission.

  • Polite and Positive Behavior with Customers and each other:

Our Movers and Packers workers, Sales Team and Supervisors are especially trained for the good manner and behavior. You get answers from our Team “Yes Sir, Ok Sir, Right Sir”. Also we are languages known like Arabic, English and Urdu|Hindi so it’s easier for you to understand and guide them as you want to shift your house In UAE.

Moving Company Core Values:

Proper Dismantling, Packing and Fixing

We do proper packing of every items which are you want to shift in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in United Arab Emirates, We have special packaging materials for each item like for Furniture we use Blankets, Stretch Roll and Clear Tape, For glass items and kitchen Utensils like dishes we use Bubble Wrap and Stretch Roll, For Small items we use Cardboard Box and Clear tape. We are totally responsible for any kind of damage in your work. Like we will repair with guarantee if we broken something.

Expertise and professionalism:

We have professional moving services experience in UAE we are expert in Dismantling, Packing and fixing.
We dismantle every furniture item properly because The Furniture Dismantling and fixing is the most important task in Relocation Industry but we have professional carpenters and workers for that they have more than 20 years of furniture carpentry experience. We do proper packing for all of your expensive stuff and then shift it to the new location. As we list here that we have professional and expert furniture carpenters they know how to fix the items in new house.
They give serial numbers to every side and joint of furniture and also if the item is more complicated then we capture some pictures of different angles because sometimes everyone can confuse.

Trustworthiness and Responsibility:

As a Professional Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi we would like to assure you that your trust is very important for us. We have trustful crew which is never involved in any stolen case yet. If they find anything in customers unwanted items also they return and ask for permission.
But there is one more thing in moving in Company that you have to keep Gold and Money with your personal items because our workers will put in boxes and then maybe we and you will not find on time. Therefore we don’t want to become a partner in any kind of misunderstanding.

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P.O. Box # 28683. Sharjah U.A.E


Mr. Mustafa: 0553838479

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