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We at Al Ibdaa Movers value our customers and hence offer a No-Damage Guarantee. Under this, if anything is damaged, or broken by our employees during packing and moving or unloading, then we make sure that the goods are replaced. We believe in the philosophy of, ‘once a customer, forever a customer’. So whether it is air, sea, land or freight services you are looking for, your search is now complete! Just call us today and check for yourself the high-class movers in Dubai. So sit back and enjoy the process of shifting while we do all the hard labor!



Box Covered Closed Trucks for Relocation in Abu Dhabi

As the best Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi, we highly ensure that all of the things that we will use in moving your furniture are all high quality and safe. This includes the closed trucks that we are using while transferring your belongings to your next destination. We provide trucks wherein the staffs can load all of your stuffs to secure its safety. Vehicle for moving your furniture is one of the factors that you should consider when hiring movers and packers who can be your partner in your moving. This is why you should choose our movers in Abu Dhabi.
We have covered closed trucks in order to protect your stuffs from getting wet, damages, scratches and to stay private. We care about your items and we ensure that all of them will be all safe while moving. After packing your items using our high quality packaging materials, we will load all of them on our covered closed trucks and deliver it to the new location.

Advantages of Box Covered Closed Trucks:

Items Safe in Rain

We assure that all your furniture will be safe from rain as we provide these closed trucks unlike others who just providing open trucks and the safety cannot be guarantee. We care about our customers and we also care about their furniture so we make sure that beds, foams, cabinets, tables, chairs, sofas and other items will be safe from rain while transferring to the new location.

Items Safe in Travel

Our Moving Trucks in Abu Dhabi will secured all of your stuffs and make sure that it will be 100% safe in travel. Our staffs will organized your furniture inside the truck. So it won’t get any damages or scratches and making sure that it will deliver to your new home on time and safe. We are making sure that the items inside the trucks are well – organized like the separation of fragile things to not, and furniture to appliances to prevent from getting broken. After packing all of your belongings, we will load it in a proper way. Wherein the furniture and appliances won’t move while the transporting is happening. Since we are well –trained, we are already experts when it comes to this field and this is why we our clients keeps on trusting us when it comes to House Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi.

Items Safe From Eyes

Of course, we wanted our items to be private or to move in a private way and this is also why we provide this kind of Moving Trucks in Abu Dhabi. We respect your privacy and this includes your furniture to be load on closed trucks for your safety and privacy.

So if you will be moving your home furniture and appliances to the other location, don’t hesitate to approach us – because we can assist you anytime and anywhere. Contact us for free quote and for more details of the moving.